Talks in English

Datalog-based Graph query langages
RW Summer School, Aberdeen, Scotland (UK), September 2016 (slides).

Part of the bi-weekly CIWS seminar, Santiago, Chile, June 2015 (slides).

Querying Graph Patterns
Cor Baayen Award Winner Presentation. ERCIM 25th Anniversary and Fall meetings, Pisa, Italy, October 2014 (slides).

A Recursive Approach for Defining Reachability Queries over Graph Databases
Invited talk in the Taming the Data seminar at NCSU, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, January 2014 (slides).

Talks in Spanish

Introduccion a la teoria de bases de datos
AMW School, Ciudad de Panama, Panama, 2016 (slides).

Consultas de connectividad en bases de datos de grafos
Seminario de Ingenieria Matematica, Santiago, Chile, November 2014 (slides).

´┐╝TriAL for RDF: Adapting Graph Query Languages for RDF Data
Lo mejor de lo nuestro, JCC, Talca, Chile, November 2014 (slides).